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Frequently Asked Questions

The aim of TOÇEV is to support our eager-to-learn children both financially and spiritually throughout their entire educational journey. We provide them with the necessary stationery supplies, school uniforms, seasonal clothing, and hygiene products they need.

Starting from elementary school, we prioritize not only the academic development but also the personal and social growth of the students we include in our foundation. Through psychosocial workshop sessions prepared by our expert psychologists according to their developmental stages, we work towards a healthy and conscious future in every aspect.

Under the motto “Reading Is Every Child’s Right”, we embrace every child as an individual and strive to cultivate them to be cultured, knowledgeable, adaptable, and productive individuals, integrating them into societal life.

Turkish citizens,
Eager-to-learn and academically successful,
Facing difficulties in accessing education,
Primary school students can apply for support.

We visit the children who are brought to our attention, who come to our foundation in person, or whom we reach through local authorities at their homes, and select the children who are suitable for our foundation’s mission from among them.

We use a carefully crafted scoring system consisting of criteria that we meticulously select to choose the children who will benefit from the foundation’s opportunities among those who apply.

Our scoring system includes:
For the children:

  • Eagerness to learn and study
  • Academic success and grade point average,
  • Learning level,
  • Problematic and risky behaviors,

For the family:

  • Monthly income,
  • Social security coverage,
  • Both parents being alive,
  • Rental status,
  • Number of children in the family attending school,Parents’ employment status and whether they employ their children.

These criteria are taken into consideration when making the selection.

We primarily support students from various cities across Turkey, with a focus on Adana, Adıyaman, Ankara, Antalya, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Kırklareli, Istanbul, Mardin, and Mersin.

We provide health support to our children and offer food assistance to ensure they can have balanced and healthy nutrition.

In order for our children to grow into individuals who have completed their mental and physical development, we closely monitor our children by conducting routine home visits with the support of our psychologists.

Twice a year, we identify the basic needs of our children in a manner that does not lead to waste, prepare special packages in their names, and deliver them to our children.

Every month, we strive to provide everything that a family would do for their child by organizing social activities where children can develop socially and gain experiences according to their age groups.

We are a non-governmental organization working to eliminate negative factors affecting the lives of our children. As we become involved in the lives of the children we support, we have started project-based initiatives to address all observed adversities and make a difference in the lives of even more children. We observed that their schools were in poor condition; we renovated their schools. We observed that they lacked knowledge in first aid; we started first aid training. We carefully shape all our projects with the high benefit of our children in mind. We have 34 Corporate Social Responsibility Projects conducted in collaboration with various national and international institutions.

As we strive to make our children feel special, we make an effort not to accept second-hand items. We do not want our children to experience disappointment when they eagerly open their packages and find worn-out and used items. However, when our schools request second-hand clothing donations, we simply act as a bridge between those who wish to donate such items and the schools.

In such cases, TOÇEV would incur the shipping costs of the deliveries. This results in unplanned expenses for the foundation. Therefore, in order to avoid negative responses to schools requesting such items, we can assist our supportive donors who believe in us and want to support our children by providing the names and information of the schools in need. Acting as a bridge, we strive to make both sides happy.

Feeling the desire to volunteer is the first step. You can contribute and make incredible contributions as a volunteer in many of our projects. To become a volunteer, you need to first express your interest by emailing After receiving your request, we will send you a form to fill out, which you should then return to the same address. Following this, we will discuss the details in a face-to-face meeting, and you will become our volunteer.