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About Us

We support our eager-to-learn children both financially and spiritually throughout their entire educational journey. We provide them with the stationery supplies, school uniforms, seasonal clothing, and hygiene products they need.

In addition to their academic development, we also prioritize the personal and social growth of the students we include in our foundation from elementary school onwards. Through psychosocial workshop sessions prepared by our expert psychologists according to their developmental stages, we strive to ensure a healthy and conscious future in every aspect.

Implementing our TOÇEV Curriculum Program throughout the year, we enhance our students’ well-being and psychological resilience levels, aiming to improve their adaptation processes to school and social environments.
Under the motto #ReadingIsEveryChildsRight, we tirelessly work to prepare our children to be cultured, knowledgeable, healthy, productive, conscious, and compassionate individuals for life.


To be a pioneering foundation aiming to elevate the education level and quality of all children in our country, under the motto “Reading Is Every Child’s Right”.


Aligned with our principle that “Reading Is Every Child’s Right”, our mission is to increase the number of children we educate, meet the needs of the children we support without compromising on quality, and enhance our children’s education and developmental levels. We aim to generate projects that address the educational issues we identify, spread our projects nationwide with the support of corporate firms, the public, and the media, reaching more children. Recognizing that voluntary participation is the most effective way of societal involvement, we aim to be the hub for volunteers’ organization. We strive to establish stronger collaborations and active involvement in joint projects with other non-governmental organizations, positioning civil society organizations within a defined sector and sustaining this. Our goal is to enhance TOÇEV’s effectiveness and visibility at an international level.


  • Embraces the principles and reforms of Atatürk.
  • Works for the future of our children by adhering to the fundamental principle of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is the “best interest of the child”, in all activities.
  • Prioritizes respect for the child in all its work.
  • Embraces the corporate stance of being able to touch children and produce solutions with a constructive, positive, transparent, and consistent approach.
  • Maintains a non-partisan stance, transcending and surpassing all ethnic and ideological identifications.
  • Recognizes the value that sharing adds to our lives and our surroundings.
  • Acknowledges that NGOs are the most important sector driving constructive changes in society.
  • Recognizes the need for the development and strengthening of NGOs and does not forget the responsibility to guide this need.


TOÇEV was established in 1994 with the founding story of our Foundation President Ebru Uygun and 5 friends embarking on a journey to change the lives of 5 children through education.

Our adventure, which began with the children we supported in Istanbul, expanded to Turkey with our opening in 1998, starting with a trip to Tunceli. We traveled to the GAP Region, developing projects and organizing campaigns to meet the needs of that region.

Until the year 2000, our primary mission was to reach every corner of the country to support children who desired education throughout their educational journey. During these travels, we encountered various problems, opened discussions, and attempted to find solutions.

With the strength we gained from “Long Live Our School”, we initiated 31 corporate social responsibility projects.

Our journey, which started with 5 children in 1994, continues after 30 years with projects implemented for our country and our children, reaching over 8 million children.


At every step and in every project, we have taken it upon ourselves to be peaceful, unifying, educational, transparent, and loving, aiming to set an example for everyone with our mission. Since 1994, we take pride in our non-partisan stance, transcending and surpassing all ethnic and ideological identifications.

As we advance on the path we believe in, we encounter countless children whom we believe will have their futures changed when we touch their lives. In addition to the responsibility of working in a civil society organization, we experience the joy and happiness of being human with every child we touch.

With the power we receive from the sparkle in their eyes, the small smiles on their lips, and the support of our backers who, like you, want to educate our children, we walk together towards a brighter Turkey.

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