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I am PAYAM, and the meaning of my name comes from the almond trees, heralds of spring; in Persian, it signifies good news, glad tidings, and the news of peace. My name was chosen with the dream of instilling a love for nature in our children, as we live increasingly distant from it. They wished for the seed to grow into a love for nature in children’s hearts, for them to learn to use our resources responsibly and to be grateful for the blessings around them.

My aim is to care for our country’s lands together with our children and with you. To raise a youth that we can instill this consciousness into. Because nature needs us to become aware.

As PAYAM Ecological Almond Village, I aspire to be a home where we can connect our children with the soil, teach them how the blessings it provides grow, and instill in them respect for the product, the importance of not wasting, and the value of the earth, which will shed light on the futures of our children.

How Will We Connect Our Children with the Soil?

As we embarked on our journey in 1994, stating “Reading is Every Child’s Right,” our aim has always been to provide rational and beneficial solutions to our children’s problems. One of the solution models that emerged as a result of such an experience is our TOÇEV Summer Camps. Every year at the Summer Camps, children from all corners of the country come together for a fantastic cultural exchange. Our children share this unique environment with the voluntary participation of elder brothers and sisters studying at our country’s prestigious universities. Upon leaving the camps, they are equipped with unforgettable memories and different perspectives.
In the upcoming period, we will also organize one leg of our summer camps at PAYAM Ecological Almond Village. Our children will meet the soil at PAYAM and experience the culture of production.

Our dream is for PAYAM Ecological Almond Village to be a settlement where TOÇEV children and all children develop by learning, sharing, and experiencing together, a place that is a big-hearted home.