What Do We Do For Our Children?

What do we do for our children?

To primary school and high school students

Instead of making financial aid, we distribute packages which are specially prepared for their needs in three times a year.

According to their age, sex and development, we meet their needs(school uniform, bag, pencil, boot, coat, pants, t-shirt,tariners, underwear, socks, books,novels and story books, hygenic pad, deodorante, etc.)

Children are provided regular health checks. Nutrition support is provided to the children for their regular diet.

Routine home visits are helded, children who are in need are provided psychological counselling.

To our university students

Financial support is given to the university students in each month except for holidays. The funds that are accumulated in the funds pool are given to the students in the form of education fee or dormitory fee.

To our all students

To support their social and cultural developments, workshop activities, psychodrama activities are helded. Traditionally, every year fasting meal, new year party, picnic organisations are helded.

Each organisation is arranged for their educational benefits.