We support our children who want to study but have difficulty in accessing education or have to work due to financial conditions, financially and morally throughout their entire education life. In addition to the stationery materials, school clothes and supplies that our children need throughout their education life, as well as their summer and winter clothing needs, we provide hygiene products to support their personal self-care processes.

In addition to the academic development of our students, whom we have included in our foundation since primary school, we also care about their personal and social developments. We conduct psychosocial workshops for the personal and social development of our children, prepared by our expert psychologists in accordance with their developmental levels.

As TOÇEV, we strengthen our students’ well-being and psychological resilience levels by applying our TOÇEV Curriculum Program, which we have prepared to improve the adaptation processes of our children to the school and social environment, at regular intervals throughout the year.

On the way we started out by saying “Every child has the right to read”, we accept every child as an individual and work non-stop to ensure that our children are cultured, knowledgeable, harmonious, productive and integrated into social life.

It is the family that contributes regularly every month and supports the expenses of our children throughout their education life. Thus, the Spiritual Family stands by the child it supports throughout his entire education life and sheds light on his future. The Spiritual Family recognizes the child they support and follows them closely. Our child does not recognize the Spiritual Family, but always feels supported and cared for.

My Family is informed in detail about the child they support. Our child’s education and training life, supports, camps and trainings, report cards, graduations, important exam results, etc. information is shared with the family on a regular basis, thus establishing a bond between the family and the child that offers unilateral transparency.

You can become My Family by choosing one of the plans we have created for different budgets and promising regular support.

* In 2023, the contribution amount determined for the annual expenses of one of our children is 450.00 TL per month. The plans below have been determined according to this contribution margin.

You can support our campaign;

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To become My Family, you can complete your transaction online from the links above, and you can reach us by message, phone or e-mail.

T. +90 212 282 8916

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